Our Services

Quipt Home Medical specializes in the provision of ventilator equipment and aids. Quipt Home Medical enables the ventilator-dependent patient to have as much normalcy as possible in their life while still receiving complex medical treatment. Quipt Home Medical provides both Invasive and Non-Invasive ventilator treatments.

Invasive Ventilator treatment can involve ventilation being administered through a endotracheal tube being inserted through the mouth or nose, or through a tracheotomy tube inserted into an incision the neck.

Non-Invasive Ventilator treatment involves breathing support through an external interface like nasal prongs or a mask.
With a wide variety of products for independent living and mobility, Quipt Home Medical is a leading provider of daily living aids. We offer a wide range of simple and practical aids for everyday activities like eating, dressing, bathing and walking, helping to make life a little easier.

With Quipt Home Medical, patients can rediscover their independence using our complete range of walking aids, get a good night’s sleep with our sleeping and resting solutions and make everyday life easier with our independent living products. They can also relax in comfort and safety with our wide range of home aids, enjoy cooking, eating and drinking with our general kitchen aids and bath independently with our bathroom solutions.
Recent studies have shown an aggressive increase in the utilization of oxygen among COPD patients. With this increase of over 15% in just a few years alongside the growth of other disease states the home oxygen market is undergoing rapid expansion.

Quipt Home Medical is poised to effectively serve this expanding market through both current geographical distribution alongside a large team of respiratory therapists trained to help reduce re-admissions from disease state complications. Easy access and higher quality results are a keystone of Quipt Home Medical’ philosophy.

In the past 25 years the number of sleep apnea patients in the United States have increased rapidly with some studies putting the figures as high as a 70% increase over this period. As obesity has been proven to be a strong contributing factor in the development of these disorders the number of patients requiring assistance with sleep apnea will likely continue to increase.

While the number of patients likely in need of assistance with their sleep apnea is rising, getting assistance and monitoring can be difficult. Quipt Home Medical uses a simple, comfortable and convenient sleep testing system to allow their patients to test at home and simply mail the results back. Once the test is received it is reviewed by one of their board certified sleep doctors and the results returned in a secure fashion. If the patient’s physician then prescribes an assistive airway device Quipt Home Medical is then perfectly positioned to assist the patient with their PAP needs as well.